Forced to Learn, to Want to Learn

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

At school, UNI, college or further education as an adult, we are forced to learn what we need to learn to pass a test. We may cram the night before, we may leave assignments till the last week, or we may be just learning stuff we don’t necessarily want to learn. This was me at school. I didn’t care what Shakespeare had to say, I didn’t care about Pythagoras or what country had the longest river. My learning was very much to the point, to memorise information short term for a specific exam, pass the test then forget the information. It worked, but I can’t remember jack all about “of mice and men” now. So I finished school with a little bit of short term knowledge that I would later forget.

Now, my learning an education has changed. School pretty much set me up for understanding what I actually want to learn about (nothing that was at school x in any real depth) - THE BODY.

My learning now is because I passionately want to learn everything. I WANT to read every day, I WANT to write and educate other people (hence my Instagram) and I WANT to apply everything I know to my clients. At school I read for 10 minutes and hated it, I never finished a book. Now I read 1-2 hours daily and love it, I don’t want to put the book down. I’m educating myself in areas I want to learn, not forced to learn.

Every one learns everyday, whether it’s speaking to someone, asking questions, reading books, watching documentary’s or listening to podcasts. Or simply just the experience of life. You are learning, but just make sure you are learning something you are passionate about.

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