Fat loss is a common goal that most people desire. It can be quite daunting at first, not knowing where ti start, not know how best to go about starting or continuing the process. Some would say burning fat is easy, east less, create a calorie deficit. While this is somewhat true, and you cannot burn fat without a calorie deficit it is not the only piece to the puzzle. Your fat loss journey is like a car, it runs of fuel, the calorie deficit will fuel your journey to burning fat. However, without a decent engine, without some good tyres, or without some oil in the car, the car will not be going anywhere. 

I will address the calorie deficit, with ease, but will delve deep into the lifestyle factors that are causing you to potentially stall your car. It may not be working efficiently or as well as it could do. These factors may be due to sunlight exposure, circadian rhythm synchronisation, sleep, stress and so many more factors that get swept under the carpet when aiming to burn fat. We will cover everything, and make sure you reach your goal in the most efficient, but also the healthiest way possible.