Do you not know where to start in the fitness world, feel like you are not progressing, and feel as though you have plateaued or even if you just want to stay fit and healthy? A personal trainer is just what you are looking for to help you every step of the way. Personal training is significantly helpful in achieving your goal! My service will provide you with all the necessary tools for you to be extremely successful in pursuit of your personal health and fitness goals. Having many years experience I have been able to successfully achieve anything with anyone, whatever the barrier, whatever the goal. I delve into the fundamentals of health, creating a strong, riding base for us to progress from. Nutritional construction, optimal exercise programming, lifestyle management and everything in between, I leave no stone unturned to try and help you to the absolute best of my ability. I help people who before couldn't be helped, and also those who are looking to take their health and body composition to the next level. If you are ready to change your life, I'm ready for you.

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Informal Chat:

We will arrange a FREE, non-obligatory phone call to just have a chat, and see what kind of service you are looking for. I shall tell you a little about my approach, and we can make a decision as to whether we will make a good, successful match.


Consultation Form:

I will then be giving you access to your consultation form, in which you will fill out in detail to provide me with the best understanding of you as an individual. I will base all the initial documents, exercise programming, dietary construction and lifestyle adjustments on the details you provide.


Commencing Training:

Upon starting your training, I will take you through a full movement assessment so I can gauge an even greater understadning of your body, thus a perfectly designed exercise program. Our training sessions will be carried out at times that fit the both of us, and we will start to see phenomenal changes week by week.


Ongoing Support:

My attention to detail is not limited to the 1-2-1 sessions, you will have full access to me as your health coach 24/7. Questions, support, advice, motivation will be available throughout, to make sure you are driving towards your goals, and receiving the highest value service possible.


Extra Content:

In your personal folder, you will have access to all information you need to thrive in this working relationship. Lifestyle E-Books, Stress, Sleep, Recipes and other valuable documents that will see you not only apply my approach, but understand all the reasoning behind the process. These get updated and improved all the time.

Lukes French | Personal Trainer offers personal training in the proximity of Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Hildenborough, Tonbridge and surrounding areas.