Fat loss and toning is one of the most opinionated forms of fitness. But really it is simple, intense training and healthy eating are two of the main areas to improve if you are looking at weight management. However, results are not immediate; it takes hard work, dedication and a change of lifestyle to achieve. Fat loss is strict and specific to the individual, you’re unique, and need a specific programme sufficient to suit your needs. People come in all different shapes and sizes, but this is no barrier to what you want to achieve, and succeed!


Most gym goers think that jumping on the treadmill for the duration of their gym session  will continue to burn fat every time. NO.. The equipment may say that you have lost 200 calories but is this actually worth it? 200kcal equals one small chocolate bar, which is what you would probably consume with your next coffee at the cafe post workout. Burning fat is about intensifying your workout, changing it up, using different exercises, a mix between resistance training and conditioning and most of all working as hard as possible. Worry less about calories and more about what you are doing!