My approach is very sustainable. You will get results, you will maintain results and you will be able to do it while still enjoying everything you love in life; Eating, drinking, social life, chocolate! You do not need to be overly strict with everything you eat, you do not need to train as hard as you can 5 times a week. You don't need to stop everything you are doing to lose a few pounds. I believe finding a routine that will work for you, introducing health and fitness into your life in a way that will make it sustainable, creating enjoyment and desire to actually want to achieve what you want to achieve. Health and fitness is not a chore, so I don't make it one.

All you need is the knowledge, to know what to do, and how to do it. Then comes the consistency. Be consistent with your activity, be consistent with your nutrition and you will find yourself striving towards you goals very very quickly! 

What you will receive upon joining LPT:

1. An initial consultation. This will help me understand you as a person, as a fitness enthusiast and how best to go about developing your health and fitness. You will also get to know me and the service I provide. 


- Tracking initial health markers to make sure everything is ok, and if not, a basis for us to improve simple, but overlooked health markers. 

- A lifestyle questionnaire covering all foundations of health involving sleep, stress, nutrition etc..

- A lifestyle evaluation solution document off the back of your questionnaire that addresses everything that you need to work on out side of the gym in order to optimise your results.


2. A movement screening; helping me understand how you move, what your body is telling me, and consequently what you can and can't do in the gym. This will be the foundation to optimising potential in the gym. It will uncover pains, injuries, imbalances, and previous injuries that we will work on to help you move and workout pain free.

3. An individually devised training plan based on all the assessments, chats, screenings and tests carried out in the previous sessions. It will include your sessions carried out with me in the studio, as well as external sessions for you to carry out yourself in a gym if needed, or homework for you to do at home.

4. The training and ongoing health management will be assessed every 12 weeks adjusting training techniques, nutrient intake, training protocols to ensure we always strive for progression.