Online brings all the benefits of 1-2-1 coaching to anyone that wants it. Leaving no stone unturned, the process accounts for all areas of lifestyle that are included in being able to manipulate body composition, general health and performance. Some of the more common approaches, in the media and that are pushed to the greater population today, you will see are not as high up the priority list as you first thought. We will be touching on specific exercise mechanics, nutrition protocols, lifestyle factors for optimal growth and recovery, essential supplementation if required, and consequently designing and constructing a training program, diet and lifestyle that will reap the best results possible. 

Making sure exercise selection takes into account anatomical restrictions, joint forces and pre-existing injuries into consideration. The nutritional approach will encompass all the detail required to optimise body composition, as well as my value towards longevity, disease and quality of life. 

Please make contact with Luke to receive further information of the different tiers we have available to see what matches your needs the best.




Upon enquiring about our services, you will receive your online consultation form that will enable you to tell us in detail about yourself as an individual. We dive into all areas relating to health and physique and will not miss a trick. Sleep, stress, gastric functioning, routines, nutrition, training, likes, dislikes.. You name it, we will make sure we know everything about you.


The commencement pack will be sent to you initially after enquiring so you can read everything you need to know about the coaching process, the tools use, the approach we take and the importance of such decisions and protocols we use to achieve the optimal results. This process is just as much about learning than it is about getting results, so the whole way through your journey with us, you will be understanding why we implement what we do, and how it will affect your long term targets.  


TIER 1 - Bronze Standard


TIER 2 - Silver Standard


TIER 3 - Gold Standard



The tiered coaching offers different levels of coaching dependant on your needs as a client, trainee or mentee, while also accounting for financial affordability. As the tiers level up, you will see the level of coaching improve via the increase in the contact-ability and support. The higher the tier suggests the deeper level of coaching you think you may require, or if you are looking for mentorship as a coach, obviously the more contact the better. Note that the individuality, in depth analysis and the levels we go to as a personal coach does not change as the tiers go up, the foundational pillars of exercise design, diet construction, health and lifestyle assessments and evaluation and extreme care will be continuous throughout all tiers.