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Many people think improving their body composition comes at a cost. However this is far from correct, and most things that are essential for improving someones condition, are absolutely free, and most of the time will actually benefit them financially. Heres an explanation of everything we can do as individuals in order to improve how we look and feel, all while not spending a penny, but potentially saving money in the process.

Calorie deficit:

I’ll start with the obvious. To improve our look and burn body fat, we do need to be in a calorie deficit. From a food perspective, it quite simply means eating less. Theres other ways to enter a caloric deficit but let’s stick with food for now. So eating less, means buying less, means spending less. Most of the time people are spending their profits on meals out, takeaways, or simply just too much food, in which they pig out on and end up throwing some away because they’ve had enough. Managing our food intake in order to improve our body composition, we will ultimately end up eating, thus spending less. So we’ve already established a financial profit from my first point.

Energy Expenditure:

Energy expenditure, which goes hand in hand quite nicely with caloric intake does not mean we have to spend any money. Energy expenditure can come in the from of steps, running, getting out on your bike (albeit you have to purchase the bike in the first place - but lets just imagine you already have one). Increasing your energy expenditure comes at no extra cost. Walking to work, factoring in extra steps in the morning/evening, or habitually implementing a from of exercise like a run or a bike ride in the morning, at lunch, or during the evening. It’s easy, and it’s free. So from points 1 and 2, we are still at financial gain.


Sunlight brings extreme benefit to our physiological health, and consequently ability to improve our body composition. Getting out in the sun will improve our sleep, improve our circadian synchronisation, so we can be more in tune with the up and down-regulation of our biological systems in order to promote certain function of the body and the ideal times. sunlight brings happiness, productivity, and a tan. Its free, it will help us with our pursuit of body composition and we are still at financial gain from the first 3 points.

Social Events:

This could be one of a few sacrifices that may need to be made in order to improve our health, and body comp. Note we are not sacrificing the event, i’m not saying you can’t socialise. What i’m suggesting is that for people looking to improve health and body comp, reducing some of the consumptions that are made during social events may have to occur. Drinking less alcohol (spending less), ordering less food (spending less), driving instead of drinking (no money needed for a taxi), or quite simply reducing the amount of social events in total, because now you may value, and want to do other more health-promoting activities (spending less money). So again, from the first 4 points we now have two categories that will induce more of a financial saving and two that are completely FREE. We are well in pocket now.

Social Life:

Socialising improves our overall well-being. Improving our well-being will go a long way to improving our body composition. More social interactions, more love, more laughter, will all help in promoting a happy, healthy and positive mind. Socialising with friends and family is another FREE way to improve our health. Couple this with walking, and you kill two birds with one stone. I hope you are beginning to realise all your previous excuses of being healthy and losing weight in expensive, are slowly becoming just an excuse, not a legitimate reason.


Sleep underpins everything regarding health, improving body composition, dealing with cravings, reducing stress, and multiple other factors that play a role in your pursuit of improved health and body comp. Again, it’s free. There is no coin slot in your bed to pay for a long nights sleep. Going to bed 30 mins earlier could reap so many rewards, and guess what, going to bed earlier will mean less late night snacking, which will also help improve point 1.

So, you have saved endless money, eating less, buying less food, walking and exercising for free, reigning in on throwing away money in social nights out. Where can this money go. It could be spent on a coach to guide you through and manage the whole process. People say they can’t afford coaching when actually the process will probably see you more financially better off because of all the adjustments and changes made to your daily life. Your coach will keep you accountable and committed, so you don’t throw away all your heard work after 2-3 months. But this article was not a plug to try and sell you coaching, it is a post to make people aware that being fit and healthy is FREE. Any excuses you may have are just people trying to find a reason to tell people why they don’t want to do it. Anyone can do it, for FREE. You’re not in the position you are because of money, or because of your job, or because of your current life situation, its simply because you find excuses, not answers.

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