Do you have any of these bad habits, but say you can’t lose weight?

1. Talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk:

Are you one of those people that say you will start going to the gym, say you will start to eat healthy, start to incorporate more activity throughout your week but then it gets to next Monday and nothing has changed? The same thing happens again the next week and you then put it off till you ‘have more time’? If so then just make the change NOW. You will not change unless you make a change. It doesn’t come from anyone else, your lifestyle won’t magically change so you can start exercising. You just have to start. Simple.

2.Too many excuses:

Do you find yourself making too many excuses?

‘Its cold outside I’ll stay inside and go the gym tomorrow’. But tomorrow comes and you don’t go…

‘I’m feeling a little bit ill so I can’t exercise and can eat what makes me happy’ why do you think this is right?

‘I’ve had a bad week anyway so I’ll just start again next week’ prolonging something you haven’t done and probably still won’t do next week..

‘I don’t have time for breakfast in the morning’… wake up 10 minutes earlier! This is a poor excuse.

3.Bad habits – unhealthy lifestyle:

Are you someone who has fallen off the wagon a little bit and started to find that you are experiencing some bad habits?

  • Drinking in the week?

  • ‘Treating’ yourself too much at the weekend? Reward for what? Not doing anything?

  • Eating a few naughty snacks between meals?

  • Skipping meals because you ‘don’t have time’?

  • Going to bed too late and feeling tired, stressed and unproductive?

  • Doing the easy option for dinner instead of cooking yourself?

  • Always taking the easy option when it comes to activity? Lifts & Elevators instead of stairs, driving instead of walking, sitting instead of standing, Tubes etc.?

Here at LPT we provide you with the services to make the change. Finding a balance between your work life, exercise and diet. Developing a new lifestyle that has consistency and sustainability and therefore results to be able to achieve and maintain whatever you like.

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