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5 Reasons Why You Cant Lose Weight

Lets be honest, weight loss is probably the most common goal, while also being the most notorious. So many people fail in their attempt to succeed, and I am going to outline a few of the main reasons why.

1) You may not know how to?

Losing weight is the simplest process, which has very black and white mechanisms that need to be in place to achieve the desired goal. One of which being the caloric deficit. Im sure you have heard this term float around the industry many a time. But what will cause a caloric deficit for you? We can't rely on those stupid calorie calculators you see online, made up as though everyone has the exact same biology and metabolism. We can't rely on a number that someone else has been given to put them into a deficit. We could guess, but that would take a lot of trial and error (not too bad a decision). There is no wise guru that can tell you the numbers needed to create a calorie deficit either. So how the hell do we know? The answer is careful, methodic actions. Taking control of what goes in, what goes out, and keeping your eye on the markers you wish to track to see results, whether that be pictures, scales or what not. Only then will you get a specific understanding of what it takes for your body to either increase, decrease or maintain levels of progress. Simply done, but many people fail to do so.

2) You can't stay accountable to yourself, and lack external support.

Staying accountable sup there with a high priority when it comes to making sure you are doing the things you need to do to produce the desired results. Only having yourself to keep you accountable is a slippery slope. You can lie to yourself, you can tell yourself you'll start tomorrow, you can be derailed and tell yourself it's fine. You could easily have a whole week that compromises your progress and have no-one to tell you, correct you or put you back on the right tracks. This inevitably ends up being a repeated process of progress, followed by derailment, and consequently no progress at all. Having someone you can be accountable to means none of this happens, or when it does happen, you have someone that can make it better. You know as well as anyone else, that being accountable to someone else undoubtedly helps you stay on track and experience less, or maybe even no sticky situations that stops your progress.

3) You don't REALLY want to...

Our outcomes are always representative of how much we wanted our goal. Period. If your outcome isn't quite as good as you had imagined, you didn't want it bad enough, and do you know what, that's completely fine. If you value other things more, then do those things, no problem. However when it comes to judgment day, where you wanted to be in a certain shape, certain size, or certain weight in the scales, and you haven't managed to get there, you didn't want it badly enough. Priorities and values hold so much importance when it comes to results. Everyone can appreciate life has its difficulties, but without challenge there is no change. If you really wanted that jam doughnut, no doubt you would buy it and eat it. No problem. If you really wanted to go to holiday, you would book it and go, right? If you really wanted to stay in instead of going and seeing friends, you would just cancel your plans right? In life, we do what we want, we have this amazing thing called choice. Just like any of the other scenarios just listed, if you really wanted weight loss, you would get it. There is no problem if you value other things more, have priories elsewhere that sit above your weight loss goals. BUT, if you want weightless, but slowly come to realise you have a whole host of other values and priorities that are sitting well above weight loss (that could easily lie below it), don't complain when you fail.

4) You don't control the 'controllables'

There are many variables that need to be controlled when weight loss is the goal. Too many people attempt to wing the whole journey and end up disappointed when again, they fail. Many people refuse to track certain metrics, which brings us back to the previous point, number 3. There are controllables in this process that if controlled for, the whole pursuit of weight loss will be a successful one. Whether that be food, output, exercise, health markers, state of mind and many more. Control is my absolute favourite word. If you have control, anything can happen. Control is absolutely centric to whatever the goal may be. If you are in control of your car, driving, you can go wherever you want. If you are in control of painting the house, you can choose whatever colour you like. Can you see where I am going. If you are in control of your weight loss journey, you can take it where you want it. Many, many people fail to remain in control, or again, refuse to be in control. Well, you just didn't want it bad enough did you.

5) you believe all the BULLSH*T you read

The industry is littered with false information, which if you are led to believe, none of the above matters, you will fail. Some people are stupid enough to say putting butter in your coffee will help weight loss. Others will say insulin is the devil. Other morons think health is the same and fat loss. Some people even think 'stress stores fat' and doing Tabata workouts will get that metabolism going, and even better when fasted! You, reading this may even believe some of these things, but I beg you, don't listen. Following some of this rubbish will just leave you mislead, uneducated, and still in the same spot you are now - trying to figure out the best method for fat loss. There is no best method, you just need to do the simple things.

If you wish to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch, I am here to help. Putting people on the absolute straight and narrow to guaranteed fat loss, back handing all the bulls*t the industry tries to throw at you.

Get in touch, now!

I hope this helped, peace out.

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