Little Tips, Big Results

Five Fitness Tips:

  1. BLACK COFFEE: Having a black coffee prior to working out will help you burn fat faster. Why? Because the stimulant from the black coffee will turn your cells into a more fat burning mode. As well as this, science has proven that drinking black coffee enhances any physical performance making you faster and stronger for longer.

  1. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: Many people go into the gym every day and do the same old things, just to say they have been to the gym. If you have made the effort to go to the gym, take the effort to prepare your gym session, know what you want to achieve and know the right steps you need to take in order to achieve your specific goals. Without knowing what you want, how will you achieve what you want?

  1. LOOK AT HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME: You may not have the perfect body yet, you may be a long way off but stop thinking about how far you have to go, start thinking about how far you have come. The results that someone can achieve in just a few weeks are incredible. A great way to track this is by taking regular progress photos so you can see that you are slowly but surely changing the way you look and feel. You do not recognise the change yourself as you look in the mirror every day and the changes are so minor it takes someone you haven’t seen in a while to make a comment on your appearance, the same effect progress pictures have.

  1. TRACKING: Throughout the week you may think you have a good, healthy diet? You may think you don’t eat too much rubbish? Until you write a food diary! The food diary will show you everything you have consumed throughout the whole week, not just what you remember eating, which is normally just the healthy stuff. Over the course of your week you may find yourself eating processed cereal bars, on the go crisps, a muffin at a coffee shop, a takeaway, a bottle of wine throughout the week and more. It is not until you write a food diary will you realise this is a lot of rubbish food snuck into your week that will 100% hinder you fitness progress.

  1. WORK HARD: It goes without saying. You have turned up to the gym for a reason, so for god sake work as hard as you can. Its only 45 mins – 1 hr. I see so many people get on a bike for 30 mins and watch a programme on the screen, or play around on their phone, or even casually read a newspaper. Their brain would probably burn more calories trying to solve a maths question! Work hard, or prepare to see no results what so ever.

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