Perfect Formula for Weight Loss

Did you know that losing weight does actually have an easy, perfect formula that anyone can follow and achieve great results?

It is very simple, here it is:

Train hard(consistently) + Eat Healthy (consistently) = Weight Loss

The key word here is consistency. You will never get fat if you eat one bad meal. The same goes for you will not get slim by one gym session or one healthy meal. You have to carry out the correct action continuously. Also you need to understand time frame. Throughout one day, if your healthy all day, this doesnt mean you can indulde in a treat every night because you have been healthy that day. Same goes for the end of the week. If you have been 100% healthy and consistent for a couple of weeks then allow your self a treat, a small treat just to keep you sane and on track. It doesnt take days, it doesnt take weeks.. It takes months and months of hard work!

Many people understand this formula, however trick themselves into thinking it is alright to treat themsleves every night with a glass of wine, a bar of chocloate and tell themself its ok because they have been good all day. These people do NOT lose weight. They will never do so if they continue this inconsistency.

What do I do?

I train hard every day.

I eat healthy every meal without fail.

I do not allow myself treats everday.

I know that if i continue to do this i will achieve the look i desire.

It works.

If you want to transform your life, do so here at LPT - I know what works.

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