If you want to understand why eating lots and eating well is so important then I suggest you read my article. Eating more can make you lose weight better and keep it off!


If I expend 3000 Calories in one day. I will lose weight faster if I eat 2500cals a day, rather than if I eat 2000cals. WHY? Because if you use 3000 calories you need to replenish most of them! Your body needs them! You have used them, you've burnt them.. If you have a car that's juiced up on petrol it will be more efficient. If you have an empty tank all you will do is ruin the engine. Don't ruin your body! If you have burnt 3000 and eat 2000 your body will also start to store unnecessary body fat because it thinks it wont get the energy you need to survive.

What happens if you eat too little calories?

If you eat to little calories you will not get anywhere. You will eventually return to your pre-diet weight? Why? Your metabolism will slow down because you will have less muscle tissue. The weight that you then regain will be fat tissue, which requires a higher metabolic rate to burn. Simple.

A 'Diet' In The Life of Me: What I Have Eaten Today


3 Scrambled Eggs

1 Brown Toast

Black Coffee

Morning Snack:

Protein Flapjack

Post Workout Shake



Pasta Bolognese


Afternoon Snack:

3 Rice Cakes

Peanut Butter

Protein/Carbohydrate Boost:

Pilau Rice

Turkey Breast

Evening Meal:

Chicken Wrap

Cod Fillet

Sugar Snap Peas

Before bed:

Bowl of Museli

So in total that's 3,544 calories. You may think that's a lot but it's about right for a person like me. I'm 21, I train everyday, I'm on my feet all day, (20,000+ steps) I need to eat a lot of food to at least balance my energy expenditure and consumption. Understand that I am a very active person, and this is a diet to cater for my lifestyle. But you expend more calories than you think everyday, so make sure you refill them. Your brain burns 600 calories alone daily.

OBVIOUSLY, the calories you eat need to be good calories. Fresh food, meat, veg, fruits, carbs, healthy fats because your body know what to do and how to deal with them. If you consume processed foods that include chemicals like chemsarebadion* you don't know what you are putting into your body, so how does your body know what to do with it. Your body will either excrete it or more easily just send it to lie in the fat stores (increase fat)

Be sensible, eat well!

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