8 Reasons You're not Losing Weight

1: You're Making Excuses

Nobody gets anywhere if what they say is different to what they do. You don't have time for breakfast, yes you do. You don't have time to train, yes you do. If you have time to do everything else, why is health and nutrition at the bottom of your priority list, when the thing you said at the start of this year is that you want to change the way you look? Excuses are for the weak, solutions are what will get you closer to your goal.

2: You are not strength training:

Strength training is your number one go to training method for all forms of fitness, especially weigh loss. You have probably never lifted near your 1 Rep Max. You are probably just doing classes with weights the size of small water bottles, you are not progressing your training routine to lift heavier. You are not reaching intensities required to prompt fat loss.

3: You are doing too much cardio:

Cardio is ok in the short term, and also is ok if it is coupled with strength training. However cardio alone will no make long term adaptations to your health or physique. In fact, quite the opposite. Your body adapt way too quickly to the demands of running. and soon your body will make the necessary adaptation of be more efficient with cardio such as lose muscle tissue, lower metabolism etc. which are all counter productive to weight loss.

4: You are eating too much:

You're not? Yes you are. You are probably a weekday hero, and a weekend villain. Meaning all the good work in the week is balanced out by a weekend with a relaxed diet. Weight loss is not a monday-friday thing. The body doesn't know its the weekend and your weight loss journey is on hold.. The calories you eat, the foods you overeat are all putting your body into a weekly calorie surplus by then time Sunday evening comes around.

5: You are not eating enough protein:

Most females, and some males will heavily under consume protein. Protein is your weight loss friend. It keeps healthy muscle tissue, improving metabolism, meaning the extra calories you accidentally eat are used, instead of unwanted and stored.

6: You are being too lazy:

At every opportunity you should be active. The contemporary society has been flooded with offices, computers and much more making our lives inactive. Use every opportunity you can, and that means not just resting on the weekend because you've had a busy week at work 'sitting' behind a desk all day. Get out, walk, be active and burn some calories.

7: You are eating rubbish foods:

Even though as calorie deficit is needed, a calorie deficit of healthy food is essential. Not just hitting a calorie deficit with any foods you want. Yes this may initiate short term weight loss, but it is very detrimental to long term sustained weight loss. Processed, packaged, unhealthy food will cause all sorts of inflammation, havoc, gut bacteria alterations and hormone imbalances that all have a huge counterproductive effect on weight management.

8: You are stressed:

Stress can be a huge factor to weight loss limitations. Prolonged increased cortisol secretion effects gut health, insulin, metabolic hormonal imbalances, metabolism and so on.. Emotional and physical stress management is key if you want to lose weight.

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