"I Don't Have The Time" - NO EXCUSES

I am talking about all your excuses today.. and how they are just unacceptable.

Biggest excuse I hear everyday - "I just don't have the time" I find myself explaining everyday how this excuse is unacceptable and how to work around it. In the morning if you don't have time, get up 10 minutes earlier! A full nutrient dense breakfast is far more beneficial than an extra 10 minutes snooze in the morning. It will also make you feel so much more alive and productive when you leave the front door. NO EXCUSES FOR THE MORNING.

"Nowhere sells anything healthy - so I had to buy a Pannini from Pret" - Another horrendous excuse I hear about what people eat at lunch. Every local shop, every supermarket, every food 'store' will sell healthy options. However you want the option that is most convenient for you which means buying a ready made processed packet of rubbish. You know full well that the shop next door, will sell fresh fish, fresh fruit, salads, nuts, water, healthy options but not as an 'all-in-one' package. Take the few extra minutes to choose a healthy, more nutrient dense lunch. Or just pre-prepare a lunch. NO EXCUSES AT LUNCH.

"The kids don't want the healthy food I need to eat - so I have to have what they want" - Please.... save me the explanation and cook a dinner for yourself and your kids separately. Maybe they want beans on toast, or fish fingers and chips, or some other meal that you know you shouldn't eat.. 9/10 meals that I cook my self all take 10-15 minutes. So don't tell me that it takes all evening to cook two meals because I know it doesn't. Boil some veg, mash some sweet potato, grill some seasoned chicken. 10 minutes, healthy, tasty. NO EXCUSES AT DINNER.

Snacking - "I just needed something sweet - so I had a whole packet of Jaffa Cakes" Snack on fruits, nuts, small protein snacks, not packet of biscuits and crisps. C'mon, you already know this! It takes more effort to go to the cupboard, open a pack of biscuits and eat them, than it does to just say NO! Have a glass of water, have some Greek Yoghurt, have something that you know will not ruin your week of healthy eating and activity.

"It gets in the way of my social life" - Going out for a meal doesn't mean you have to get the biggest greasiest meal on the menu, a whole bottle of wine and a pudding... Moderate your intake. It also doesn't mean you cant enjoy a few drinks one evening with your friends. Like I discuss further in the next point, enjoy yourself for one evening, then get back to your healthy lifestyle immediately the next morning. This may be a few drinks and a naughty takeaway and that is fine as long as the rest of the whole week is spot on. If you cant help yourself throughout the week going to the cupboard and having snacks, and maybe a few glasses of wine on a couple of evening in the week then this doesn't comply to the rule, therefore not acceptable to treat your self one night on the weekend, because you haven't earned the right to throughout the week.

Finally, guess what? After a spot on week, no bad choices what so ever, and it gets to the weekend and you feel like a treat.. I'm allowing you to have one! Have a pudding, or a chocolate bar, or a glass of wine. BUT DO NOT BINGE.. After that treat has been enjoyed, get back to your healthy diet, not carry on binging the whole day just because you have had a good week. 1 day out of 7 binge eating will ruin all your hard work! But one treat a week will not.

Listen to me and get the results, or dismiss what I advise and stay the same.. Anyone can do it! Its time to start trying. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!

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