Fat Loss in 2020

Stop spinning your wheels every year and getting nowhere. Start to actually walk the walk and get some long awaited progress. Stop the excuses, start performing! This is not a desperate attempt to get clients, this is a little truth bomb for you all to consider.

Where people go wrong:

1. Humans are literally the only species on the planet that find something that works, and then stop doing it. Think about it, all animals thrive in their conditions/habitats because they know what works, find what works and do this for a lifetime to optimise their health, reproduction, shelter and hunting for food. We as humans find a sustainable approach to fat loss (I'm not talking about fads) and can only last 3 months until we fall into a pit of boredom, demotivation and succumb to what is considered societal norm (unhealthy living). Late nights and lie ins on the weekends, a weekly takeaway (or more) overworking, watching too much netflix, eating too much of what you shouldn't because it 'tastes nice', stopping the consistent training regime because there's no time - even though you made time for it for the last 3 months... Find what works, and do it for life.

2. People also go wrong with their unrealistic goals. They see a model pose on instagram in downlighting after restricting food for 20 weeks before photoshopping some defined abdominals on their stomach and you as a consumer of social media immediately thinks that what you should look like and want to look like in 6 months time. This is so unrealistic. Over six months i would be happy to see my clients drop 5-10% body fat which from the outside looks minimal, but its a great start and a sustainable to optimise physique aesthetics.

3. We also go wrong because we copy. We copy others who have followed a certain program, followed a certain diet, a certain percentage of macronutrient splits, caloric intake and believe if you do the same you will get the same results. Your metabolism is different, your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) is different, your age is different, your weight is different, your body is DIFFERENT. So why would what works for 'Jenny' work for you.

4. We go wrong because people also look down on some very important practices because it is not 'cool'. I tell all my clients to meditate, to watch the sunrise, to go to sleep approximately 1.5-2 hours before they currently do, to read before bed, to carry out a specific morning and evening routine i have personally devoted to them as an individual. However peer groups and family members may think you are being silly, or being to extreme, but when in actual fact this people are the ones who are completely outside the norm with regards to the history of human evolution and bodily adaptation. We are not designed to do the things that is currently the societal norm. This wrecks compete havoc to our health, and good luck trying to optimise how you look when your health is slowly deteriorating day after day. And it is all societies fault.

5. More simply we go wrong because our desire is not enough. Find your desire, know WHY you want to achieve the things you want to achieve and keep them in the back of your mind every time you feel like quitting, or giving up on a rep, or contemplate not going to the gym today.

FAT LOSS is extremely simple, APPLICATION is the hard part.

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