Sugar Vs Fat

Have you always automatically thought that ‘fat’ makes you fat? Have you looked at nutritional information on the back of packets and decided not to buy it because it includes too much fat. Have you always opted for reduced fat, low fat, or fat free options when buying products? If you answer yes to any of these questions then I advise you to read on.

For centuries ever since the first man, the caveman, people have consumed raw foods, meat, fish, fresh foods nuts, seeds and so on that contain large amounts of animal fats, oily fats and essential fatty acids. These are vital for our body to function properly, to generate energy and live with a healthy gut. Refined sugar that we see nowadays in packets, on our cereal and in our teas and coffees is much worse, and not essential to our bodily function. This is because sugar deposits as fat in the fat stores all over your body, adding to increased weight, body fat and physical appearance. When sugar is consumed your blood sugar level will dramatically rise, and you will feel a short buzz, experience a slight energy boost. After about 10-15 minutes you will enter a lull and your blood sugar level will drop past the level it was before, as your pancreas is excreting insulin to try to obtain optimal blood sugar level. Anything you do from this moment on you will feel lethargic and very inefficient.

The benefits of ‘FAT’ associated with appearance:

  1. Better Body Composition: making the cells of your body more sensitive to insulin, allowing for an increase in metabolism (Fat Burning) and less inflammation.

  2. More Muscle: fat promotes a better hormone balance and allows for faster and better recovery from intense exercise. Fat can elevate the muscle growth hormone which inhibits muscle breakdown.

  3. Easier Fat Loss: as mentioned, eating the right natural fats (animal or plant sourced) will increase your metabolism which is a huge factor to the fat burning process your body encounters.

Fat is vital for your body to reach optimal health so stop veering towards low fat, fat free and reduced fat options because this will only mean there is more sugar to make up for the sweet taste that has been lost due to extraction of fats. Sugar will make you gain weight, fat will help you lose weight.

Foods including ‘good fats’: Meat, Eggs, Seeds, Avocado, Almonds, Bacon, Salmon, Olives, Cheese, Macadamia Nuts, Chocolate (in moderation)

Exception: There are such fats known as ‘trans fats’ that are heavily refined and manufactured mostly by fast food chains and restaurants, processed meals and any processed foods. These are the fats you need to stay clear of because they hold many negative health effects.

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