Don't Train to 'Burn Calories'

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

So, I along with every other PT or Coach out there used to think training was all about the calorie burn (maybe some PTs still do) As I grow further in my career and develop my understanding of how the body works and the mechanisms behind body composition, weight loss and energy output, I soon realised its a total waste of time trying to increase someones calorie expenditure during their PT session and consequently waste their time and money. Its totally inefficient. Ever wonder why you are blowing out of your a$$ every gym session but never seem to lose weight? Well then…

Training to burn calories is like trying to empty a bath full of water with a spoon while the tap is still running (Im proud of that analogy). Training should be seen as a luxury, an ice pick to sculpture the body, and a way of improving yourself beyond just weight loss. Which brings me to my next point, PTs and Coaches need to understand the mechanisms of weight/fat loss in order to explain, lay down guidelines and educate the client to know how to lose weight themselves. Calories burned in a gym session are about 5% of total calories burned in a day. Don’t try working extra hard just to bump that up to 6% - it won’t make a difference.

Understanding the role of metabolic hormones, sleep, the make-up of TDEE, client nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, what stage of life they are in, their psychology, data tracking and so many things that you can talk to them about on an individual, personal level to go away and provide themselves with the necessary tools to lose weight/fat. The one 1, 2, or 3 hours a week with you is to keep them going, to check up on their progress, to make sure they are on the right track, to make sure they are living injury free and their best life, to make sure you have the necessary data from your client to make adjustments. And to finally give them advice that is actually applicable to them.

Not just the fact they need to eat less and burn more calories, because that would be pissing in the wind.

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